Payment plans

If you'd like to purchase a Horror Party Doll but you cannot pay her full right away, we can agree a payment plan.

You can split the amount in two or three payments and you can decide if paying the shipping cost with the balance or adding it to the agreed payments.

Example for a payment plan in 3 payments: cost of the doll €100 + €21 shipping = total €121

Option one: shipping cost paid with balance

1st payment €33 + 2nd payment €33 + 3rd payment €55 (balance €34 for the doll + €21 for shipping) = total €121

Option two: shipping cost split in payments:

1st payment €40 + 2nd payment €40 + 3rd payment €41 = total €121


*IMPORTANT, please read carefully*

Agreed payment dates cannot be changed.

Effected payments are NOT refundable.

If I won't receive the agreed payment by the agreed date, the doll/dolls will be relisted to be purchased by other customers. No exceptions.


In order to agree a payment plan, please contact me at or on instagram at horrorpartydolls, thank you :)