Payment plans

Did you ever want to buy a Horror Party Doll, but you couldn't pay her full right away and when you came back she was already sold out?

As you know, my dolls are One of a Kind and once they're gone they're gone, since I don't make replicas.

Luckily PayPal offers you the solution: you can buy now, get your doll immediately and pay later!

The options differ from country to country, but basically this is how it works: you can pay in 3 or 4 interest free monthly payments (or in monthly installments, depending on your country).
The 1st payment is due at the time of the transaction, while the next payments are due every month (these are automatic payments, PayPal will work for you).
I will get the full amount immediately, so I can send you your doll right away and nobody else can buy her in the meantime.

Just select PayPal at the checkout and choose the best suitable option for you.

I find it a great solution, isn't it?!