Are your dolls One of a Kind? Yes, my dolls are One of a Kind. I never make the same doll twice, so if you have purchased one of my dolls you are the owner of a unique piece.

How can I be sure that I'm buying an original Horror Party Doll? Each doll comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity. This, beside being OOAK, makes them unique collectible pieces.

What are your dolls made of? Usually my dolls are porcelain (their head and limbs) and cloth (their body). Sometimes they're full porcelain. Either way, you'll find all info about each doll in the listing's description.

What is the hair made of? Do you make the wigs yourself? I basically use five kind of wigs: standard wigs (made of standard nylon), BJD wigs (made of top quality nylon), extensions wigs (made of top quality nylon or real hair, depending on my supplies), fluffy wigs made of faux fur, fluffy wigs made of synthetic wool. Except for standard and BJD wigs, I make all the other type of wigs myself.

Do you sew the dolls' clothes yourself? Most of the times I do. Sometimes I customize and adapt already existing clothes, depending on the project I'm developing.

Why is there such a wide price range among your dolls? It just depends on the different materials used and on the doll's features. So price is different if a doll has standard wig, standard makeup and standard clothes or if it has for example handmade wig, tailor made clothes, peculiar accessories and very elaborate makeup.

What's the doll's size? My dolls come in different sizes: Small (about 30cm), Medium (about 40cm) and this is the usual size, Large (about 50/60 cm), XLarge (about 60/70 cm), XXL (about 80/90cm). Also for the size, you'll find this info in the doll's description in the listing.

Do your dolls come with a stand? If they're not sitting dolls, they always come with a stand. Also this option is specified in the description.

Can the clothes be removed? No, the clothes cannot be removed.

Are your Horror Dolls suitable toys for children? No, they're not toys and they're not child play, they're very fragile and delicate collectible pieces. However, some kids really love my dolls and I know a few of them who own one (or more), so of course it depends on the child :D

How can I give good mantainance to the Horror Doll I just bought? My Horror Dolls need very little mantainance: just dust them very softly every now and then and you're done :) Never NEVER never use water or any other liquid/spray or whatever detergent to clean them. Keep them always dry. Please handle them very carefully and try not to scratch them. They're collectible pieces, so they're very delicate. Please keep them away from constant direct sunlight and very high temperatures. They're undead creatures, so they prefer cool, dry and shaded places :) 

The dolls are super fragile! How can I be sure they'll make it safe and sound to my home? I pack all my dolls super carefully: I wrap the head and the limbs in pluriball. Then I wrap the whole doll in pluriball again and I place it in a box. Then I place it in another box filled with protective packaging. But, if you still don't trust the mail service, you can ask for a shipping insurance for damaged or lost goods. About this matter, please check the "Shipping and return/refund policies" page. Thank you.